10.6.6B-FSE PON-PI-2017-24 Action/subaction:10.6.6/10.6.6B/Transnational school/work experience OBJECTIVE: COPENHAGEN

YEAR 2017

Higher education institute “Rita Levi Montalcini”

The higher education institute “Rita Levi Montalcini” is in Acqui Terme and offers four learning programs: professional institute for industry and crafts, technical institute specializing in economics, technical institute specializing in technology and technical institute specializing in tourism.


15 students in their 5th year of the tourism and economics courses, selected according to merit and in possession of a “First” certificate; teachers of the 5th year.


The work-school project consisted of a 120-hour long internship carried out in tourism or administration companies involving 5th year students specializing in tourism or economy. The first phase was carried out at school and consisted of preparatory activities organized by the school tutor in cooperation with the company tutor. In the second phase the students went abroad, and their activities were monitored weekly both on site and from Italy. In Copenhagen 5 students worked at the National Museum, 3 worked in a company which produces licorice, 6 at the Radisson Hotel and 1 at the Chamber of Commerce.


Cooperation with hosting companies in Copenhagen, the international Chamber of Commerce, the Museum network, and the Italy/Denmark Radisson Hotels.

Testing students’ technical and professional abilities through practical experience – boosting their personal and professional potential and stimulating informal and non-formal learning – increasing and improving theoretical notions through practical experience, especially language – promoting interdisciplinary skills – matching expectations and personal interests with actual opportunities and working perspectives

Using the language and technical skills acquired at school in a real work environment, bringing students close to the job market in a transnational perspective.

Gaining more responsibility and independence, learning about the relationship between students and businesses outside the school environment and in a real-life working situation, improving language skills, improving school performance, strengthening self-esteem, increasing students’ perception of their future opportunities.