10.6.6A-FSEPON-PI-2017-27 The school joins the territory. Hazelnuts and other artisanal products: flagships of Piedmont.

YEAR 2017


The professional institute “PIERA CILLARIO FERRERO” in Alba offers the following learning programs: trade services, specializing in accounting and computerization for wine producers, located in Alba; trade services specializing in tourism, located in Alba; services for health and social assistance, socio-sanitary specialization, located in Alba; food and wine specialization “Arte Bianca” located in Neive; Water management and ecological recovery, located in Alba; Industry and crafts for the “Made in Italy”, located  in Cortemilia; Evening courses for adults.


18 students participated to the module throughout their alternanza scuola-lavoro (work-related learning experience) which was carried out with local SMEs, integrating training in class and work experiences, school tutors and business tutors.


The module currently being examined focused on Hazelnuts and other artisanal products: flagships of Piedmont. The project aimed at organizing a work-related learning experience, engaging students in their third, fourth and fifth year of the “Local crafts” specialization and local businesses involved in the production chain. This specialization is only present here for the whole region and aims at training students who will understand the needs of the territory they will be working in, through extensive knowledge, promotion, and trading of typical products, particularly the Piedmont hazelnut, which is universally recognized as the best hazelnut in the world.


The managing body of the UNESCO site, ATL, tourism authority for Alba, Bra and Roero, the municipality of Alba, Barolo & Castes Foundation, local SMEs, the Piedmont region, all participated to the network.

Providing students with knowledge, skills and abilities they will need in their career; promoting learning for young people, in keeping with their personal vocation, interests and learning styles; connecting the education provided with the social and economic context of High Langa.

The economic system of the Alba area needs to be redirected towards production patterns with high added value, such as the promotion of the Unesco site “Vineyard landscape” for Langhe, Roero and Montferrat.

The module aims at promoting and raising awareness on identity in a land hosting a world heritage site and is addressed to young people, who will be responsible for the future of the site.

The partnership with businesses and associations promoted innovation in teaching and training methods, whose focus was the acquisition of skills that can be used on the job market. Orientation, entrepreneurial spirit, active citizenship, and students’ participation were strongly promoted, also thanks to new technologies.