10.1.1°-FSEPON-PI-2017-42 Creativity gardens


School Rossignoli

The school “Rossignoli” was created in 1964 and belongs to the I.C. “C.A. dalla Chiesa” in Nizza Monferrato. There are about 400 students, 19 classes and 40 teachers, attending school for 27 hours per week. Services include pre-school activities, after-school activities, the school canteen, a very well-equipped library, 7 IWBs and one mobile computer lab with about 30 devices. It takes part in EU projects. Students come from very different backgrounds and there are many foreign pupils.


177 students and 21 teachers took part in the project


Through the project, the school reaches out to the outdoor spaces of green areas, to the vegetable garden and the school gardens, within the UNESCO area. These spaces become a “rich soil” where children can experience active citizenship and responsibility, GARDENS OF CREATIVITY where they have the opportunity to increase their potential and their communication skills in Italian and English through contact with nature, thus shaping and NURTURING personal growth


Members of the City Council

Slow Food

Nonni Ortolani

Local producers

The project aims at NURTURING THE GROWTH of responsible citizenship skills, cognitive soft skills, the ability to be open-minded towards new experiences, spirit of initiative, increasing self-awareness and self-efficiency, as to build students’ identity and foster social skills.

The school leaves its traditional classrooms and reaches out to “green areas”, to the territory, experimenting new teaching methods as well as direct and active learning patterns which are closer to children’s needs.

The territory also reaches out to the school, cooperating and actively contributing to teaching and cultural activities through training practices and events.

Local area: constant cooperation in events and activities at school.

Teachers: experimenting creative and engaging teaching methods, which respond better to children’s needs.

Students: they experience school with an increased level of interest and see it as a motivating and engaging experience, this developing both social and cognitive skills