“Salvo d’Acquisto” School

The school “Salvo d’Acquisto” is the only kindergarten belonging to the I.C. Nuzza Monferrato. There are 175 children aged from 3 to 5, 20 teachers and 7 classes, attending school for 40 hours per week. The students come from very different backgrounds and there are many foreign children.

The school has a gym and green areas.





Children spend a very limited short time outdoors, in the sunlight, in contact with nature and their peers. Exercising outdoors, discovering the surrounding environment and fostering sensory perception can help increase the level of endorphins, thus developing children’s well-being, self—efficacy and willingness to cooperate. Being outdoors encourages the children to ask questions, formulate hypothesis and use their imagination, which drives them to action. The aim is to get children used to spending time outdoors, thus stimulating their natural ability to learn in a relaxed space. Exploration, meaningful questions and doubts, as well as encouraging children to love nature and to feel connected to it will make them more willing to take responsibility for the environment, to protect it and to respect it.


“Pacha Mama- Outdoor Education” association

Private citizens providing the green areas close to the school


Promoting personal identity – Being independent – Encouraging citizenship – Respecting the environment and learning to live together – Encouraging self-confidence – Creating positive group dynamics – Promoting the ability to ask oneself questions -Encouraging problem-solving skills – Understanding and using topological concepts – Enriching vocabulary and syntax – Promoting body awareness – Increasing coordination – Supporting laterality – Developing complex motor patterns – Developing fine motility.

The project is mainly based on Outdoor Education, an adaptable and wide teaching method stemming from active pedagogy. Children have concrete, authentic and global experiences and learn from practical experiences; the approach also promotes biophilia, that is a feeling of connection to nature. Teachers have a supporting and enabling role, receiving the children’s stimuli and interests, providing them with the necessary space to experiment and discover, showing flexibility and care.

Children: through nature, they get first-hand experience on the changes and possibilities connected to nature, and increase their well-being

Teachers: they try out new teaching methods where children are the real protagonists

“Pacha Mama” association provides training on Outdoor Education to teachers, children and parents